The company “TEX-CO SA – KNITTED FABRICS PLANTS”, produces and selling knitted fabrics (from circular knitting machines).


The long and continuous course on textile industry (the company was founded in 1965) and the high professionalism that characterizes us, makes us one of the most respected companies in the sector in Greece.

New products

The fabrics are manufactured and processed in our own factories, but also in third party facilities selected partners.

The fabrics are suitable for manufacturers :

  • Men – Women – Children Clothing,
  • Underwear,
  • Pyjamas,
  • Athletic Forms,
  • Forms Working,
  • Special Clothing for Sport.


S. Jersey, Interlock, RIB, Transfer RIB, Jacquard (Full Electronic) Double Knit, Frotte (terry), Piquet, Fleece, Pontostofa (Milano RIB, Punto Di Roma)
(All the above and with Elastan)

All our fabrics comply hygiene and safety in raw materials (yarn) and dyes.

Also at each stage of production (thread – knitting – dyeing – printing), we are under the system of monitoring, and quality assurance “ISO 9001“.

These fabrics are delivered to our customers typically dyed (finished).
On request can be delivered and ecru from machine (un-dyed), at any point deposition suggest our client in Greece or abroad.

Also often undertake and specific orders of fabrics according the needs of our custome